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Your own company? Or working as a freelancer or ZZP’er in your own field, but the paperwork and accounting is giving you headaches? You just want to work in your field, without the worries of keeping a good bookkeeping and VAT taxes, Income tax and Corporate taxes.

What you are looking for is a partner who is just as flexible and able to think along your side; when and where its most suitable for you.

We at B&T Financials are a home-based financial company and therefore our working hours are very flexible and complete adjustable to your time.

After years of experience working in this field, we have come up with a balanced Freelancer-Package that makes it clear and transparent where you stand financially.

Became curious about our unique product? Feel free to send us an email or fill up the contact-form and we will contact you today.

You the Stage, we the paperwork!




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Taxes for people who work as an artist, whether they are dancers, singers or musicians are in general a bit different than other freelancers or ZZP’ers. Except that the rules are different, they also change quite quickly. We keep a precise track of these changes and make sure that you will never pay too much.

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You love working in your own field as a freelancer but the bookkeeping and tax regulation gives you headaches.
We have an unique accounting program and the only thing you have to do is hand over your financial information.

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Financial & Advice

Financial & Advice

Do you want to know, how you and your company stand financially? Is your hourly wage actually enough to cover the costs? Is it possible for you to take a mortgage? By making a thorough financial scan we will pin-point your current financial state and advice you clearly.

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You the Stage, we the paperwork! Make an appointment!

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B&T Financials, Rates.

Clear and transparent without surprises, that’s what we like at B&T Financials.

Are you a freelancer or a ZZP’er, then our Freelance-Package has the most advantages for you.

B&T Financials, FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the services of B&T Financials.
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B&T Financials Staff

Branch Amsterdam

Together with co-owner Thomas and colleagues we will take good care of your bookkeeping and your tax challenges.

Besides my bachelor in Business Administration I have gained experience with a diversion of bookkeeping and accounting companies before Thomas and I decided to establish B&T Financials.

Our promise to our clients is a continued high level of service and maximizing the usage of all fiscal possibilities.

Tel.: 06 221 834 34

Driscoll Borgschot Driscoll Borgschot

Branch Rotterdam

As co-owner of B&T Financials I will be your first point of reference in communication and your advisor to all your financial challenges. With a broad experience and education in multiple administration forms and bookkeeping systems I will gladly assist you acquiring the well balanced financial package. Service and customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Tel.: 06 144 543 63

Thomas Thomasse Thomas Thomasse