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Freelance Artist as a business in The Netherlands; Helpful Tips!

Freelance musicianDo not miss out on an interesting chance to settle as a freelance artist in The Netherlands, I would nearly tend to say. Although it sounds like a cheap advertorial, the bottom line due to an interesting treaty between Japan and The Netherlands plus a favorable fiscal climate for start-ups, is not far from the truth.

Except as the above favorable fiscal climate such as tax breaks for starting companies, the so called “self-employed deduction” and “small business tax-break” and even an interesting VAT deduction for small companies, the start-up of a company, as a musician or artist needs a funded preparation.

Consider the risks versus rewards, and remember to define your own success.

Take the time to write a good business plan. Just “starting” and see how it goes will probably fail on points you could have avoided if you prepared better.

Think of a company name! Although a lot of freelancers take their original name as a company name, its not obligated.

Also keep in mind that an own business is time consuming and can be stressful at times.

Keep track of all your time working in your own business. Also of the preparation time before you officially opened your business. To be recognized as a business you need to be working at least 1225 hours in your business. This includes doing your paperwork, buying essential products etc.

Do pay taxes. Dutch tax agencies assess heavy penalties for late payments. Therefor do work with professionals; bookkeeping company, fiscal experts, lawyers etc.

Save all receipts! All the costs that are work related are deductible, and some in ratio depending how much you use it privately and for your business. For example your telephone costs.

Take the time and effort to learn about the Dutch culture and habits.

Get yourself connected with local organizations, music or artist collectives, let yourself be known out there.

T.F. Thomasse

Co-owner of B&T Financials; Your partner in Finance