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Get Acquainted – Lorenzo Capodieci

Lorenzo Capodieci 2

Lorenzo Capodieci is an Italian born dancer and choreographer, at an early age he started to develop interest in music, theater and visual arts and decided to study dance in Trieste. In 2008, Lorenzo was 18 at that time, he already completed his first choreography.

In 2009 he moved to Rotterdam, to study at Codarts. During his study he creates the piece ‘SPOSTARE, move, shift, rotate’ which was presented at the Opendans Festival in 2012. In the same year he also attended Choreographic Collision 6 – Corpo a Corpo choreographic training course by Danzavenezia under the artistic direction of Ismael Ivo in collaboration with La Biennale di Venezia in the 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance.

Before he graduated as bachelor in Dance in 2013, he was working with “De Dansers” in Utrecht from July 2012 to June 2013.

During 2014 the energetic Lorenzo decided to become a freelance dancer, and because of his charisma and talent he was offered jobs at Piet Rogie, Karine Guizzo in Den Haag, Cie Woest in Amsterdam and he collaborated with Mersiha Mesihovic/CircuitDebris in New York City.

Currently Lorenzo is working as performer with Karine Guizzo in Den Haag for the production ‘4×4/ the fellowship of dance’ for Cadance festival http://www.cadance.nl/nl/producties/4×4-fellowship-dance and with Cecilia Moisio in Amsterdam for the performance ‘L.O.V.E.’ touring in 2015/16. In the summer 2015 he will be also performing in the tour of Cie Woest with the performance ‘Leaving Normal’.

As a freelancer, Lorenzo wants to concentrate on what he does best; dancing, choreographing and creating, and therefore this multi-talent has decided that B&T Financials would take care of his finances. Already since May 2014.

Read more about Lorenzo and his projects: http://www.lorenzocapodieci.altervista.org

He can be contacted for dance projects and as a photomodel at: lorenzocapodieci@altervista.org

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