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Get Acquainted – Martina Orlandi

Martina Orlandi danceMartina or Marty as her friends call her, was born in Italy in 1990, her interest in dance was a natural born state and not surprisingly she started her dance education with Loredana Rovagna in La Spezia. She was given the opportunity of performing in a professional environment with the “Gruppo del Centro Studi Danza”.

In 2009 she moved to The Netherlands and after 4 years she graduated from CODARTS in Rotterdam and started as a freelancer and collaborated with Kristina De Châtel sur Place, where she was part of BRAND!, Kriszina’s Keuze, Trap and the new production UT(OET).

The gracious Marty als performed in many other famous pieces like “Requiem” By Nanine Linning in the beginning of 2013 and “Uneven 2012”, “Zwanenmeer” by Ballet van Leth in 2012.

The amazing talents of Marty were again demonstrated in a video clip by Plamen Dereu – Heaven After All.

If you would like to see more of Marty Orlandi, see her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/martyorla90 or contact her at: martyorla@gmail.com

As a freelancer, Martina wants to concentrate on what he does best; dancing and therefor this wonderful dancer has decided that B&T Financials would take care of her finances. Already since 2013!

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