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One-Stop Service for Japanese Entrepeneurs seeking opportunities in The Netherlands



In January of 2015 the companies JN Connect and B&T Financial joined forces to create a unique product due to an increasingly demand for Japanese Business immigrants who are willing to start a company in The Netherlands.

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a clear and transparent concept, with a one-stop service point, where the client will be assisted from first contact, immigration lawyer, housing, financial affairs all the way to establishing a Dutch company. Also when your organization is operational JN Connect and B&T Financials are able to fully facilitate your company with a total finance package (bookkeeping, tax matters), website, DTP and photography.

Toshiyuki Watanabe, owner of JN Connect elaborates on this collaboration with B&T Financials “we have been frequently asked by Japanese business people to completely arrange the establishing of a Dutch Company”, “together with B&T Financials we can also provide the total financial and fiscal package together with the legal and human aspects of an immigration blueprint”.
“Together as a fast responsive team we can combine forces to provide the highest quality for our clients, supplements Thomas F. Thomasse co-owner of B&T Financials.

Services that JN Connect and B&T Financials can provide for new entrepreneurs in The Netherlands:

• Information Service
Comprehensive information specifically about starting and running a company, and generally life in The Netherlands.

• Residence Permit
Complete road-map from supplying the most optimal immigration lawyer and all documents needed for the entrepreneurial permit, which it needed to perform any business activities in The Netherlands.

• Complete Financial Package:
– Opening Balance and 3 year forecast (obligatory for Residence visa)
– Company contract (for partnership companies)
– Chamber of Commerce assistance; all necessary steps and forms
– Banking Service; all necessary steps and forms to open a business account
– Monthly accounting of your company including VAT administration and income tax
– Fiscal and Financial advice
– Esteemed Service: Opening times from 6.30 to 22.30 every day, 7 days a week.

Communication can be via telephone, email but even faster mediums like whatsapp (also for sending in your receipts and invoices).

• Network
According to your wishes we can supply you with any form of service or supplier, from catering to transport or anything in between.

• Housing
During your stay in The Netherlands we can supply you with high quality short-stay apartments or a very trusted postal address. An virtual address for your company is not allowed to be registered as citizen in The Netherlands.

Already since 2014 we have been servicing Japanese clients who demand the highest quality for a reasonable price but with a distinguished service. Our offices are open from 6.30 till 22.30 every day, 7 days a week. Communication can be via telephone, email but even faster mediums like whatsapp.

All above services can be acquired separately of course, but providing a complete package we normally are able to quote an interesting discount. Do not hesitate to contact us about our competitive prices and package deals.

For further information check the website of JN Connect:

http://jnconnect.nl/ and B&T Financials: http://btfinancials.com/

Toshiyuki Watanabe
JN Connect – watanabe@jnconnect.nl

Driscoll Borgschot &
Thomas F. Thomasse – contact@btfinancials.com
B&T Financials