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The 3 P’s plus 1 as a freelance Artist!

3PThe 3 P’s plus 1 as a freelance Artist!

There are many lists of “Do’s and Don’ts”, “10 things you must do” or “Tips and Tricks” when you start as a freelancer.
To be honest most of them have useful tips and reminders for the starting entrepreneurs under us, but none of them have touched the core of being self-employed so much as the 3 P’s plus 1.

With every project, contract or assignment consider the existence of how many P’s will accumulate in this job.
At least one P has to be fulfilled, but to achieve the Plus 1 you need the first 3 P’s.

Payment – Get paid for jobs! You are a professional, you have a special talent which has been polished by education. In other words you are a professional, and you want and demand that you get paid properly for a contract, project or gig.
By not getting and demanding the right payment, your signal to your client will be; “im indeed not worth more than this”.

Prestige – It is not hard to imagine that a gig or a performance on national television or radio will give you a lot of exposure and free publicity. So a performance that will be seen in the media, could mean a lot for your future as an artist. Also as an artist, whether you are a modern dancer, a musician or painter, make sure to have your internal prestige. Give your best and be proud of your achievements.

Pleasure – Make sure you have fun and pleasure in the projects you do. If you get the chance to do something that you have always dreamt of doing but the job is not giving you any, or low payment and no prestige, think that having a great time is tenfold better then doing something you hate.

Professional – Except that being a professional is a attitude that fits an artist who is performing the Plus 1 P it will automatically be achieved when the first 3 P’s conditions are met.

Anytime and every time you are offered a contract or a gig or remember to hold the job against the light of the 3 P’s plus 1 and make sure that it has at least one of the above P’s but preferably more than one. You are a Professional!

Thomas F. Thomasse
Co-owner of B&T Financials