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B&T Financials, what we can do for you!

What we can do for you!



Taxes for people who work as an artist, whether they are dancers, singers or musicians are in general a bit different than other freelancers or ZZP’ers. Except that the rules are different, they also change quite quickly. We keep a precise track of these changes and make sure that you will never pay too much tax.

If you are not an artist but are you are working as a freelancer or owning your own company, you are also more than welcome at B&T Financials.

Except VAT Tax per quarter and Income-Tax we are more than happy to solve any other tax problem. Also for advice, financial planning and coaching with starting your own business or as freelancer we are able to assist you.

We have some very interesting Freelance-Packages including advice and coaching, so no hidden expenses or extra costs.


You love working in your own field as a freelancer but the bookkeeping and tax regulation gives you headaches.

We have an unique accounting program and the only thing you have to do is hand over your financial information.

We will completely update your bookkeeping en will also take care of all your tax matters. If you subscribed to one of our Freelance-Packages you will receive a clear and transparent overview of your financial and tax situation per quarter.

Are you at this moment using another accounting program or system, we can easily integrate this into our system.

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Financial & Advice

Do you want to know, how you and your company stand financially? Is your hourly wage actually enough to cover the costs? Is it possible for you to take a mortgage ?

By making a thorough financial scan we will pin-point your current financial state and advice you clearly. We also can advice and assist you concerning other fiscal aspects, for example company cars, employee’s and company space.


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